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Fund Raising Campaign



To: Donors

My name is Joshua Crist an Independent Film maker, my passion is to create high quality independent films. In my mission to create independent films I would like to bring local artists along for the journey. I am looking to donors to help in making that journey possible for local film makers in the Cincinnati. I am currently in involved with several film maker groups in the Southern Ohio area which includes Cincinnati. I am currently seeking $50,000 in funds to help buy professional cinema camera(s), professional audio gear (mixer, mics, etc.), cinema lenses, and professional lighting gear. Buying professional gear will open up so many more doors for the local artists as it will allow for them to submit their work to a range of streaming services.  The various streaming services over the years have created many high standards for film projects to meet for the streaming providers to except them on their platforms. Some of the equipment I am looking to purchase to meet campaign goals include the following:

Canon C500 mkII ($15,999.00)


Sound Devices mixer ($1,525.00)


Canon EF CN-E Cinema Prime 7-Lens Kit

(14, 20, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135mm) ($24,960.00 for the set)


The remaining funds donated would go
towards various lighting gear.

My true passion is to enable and help independent artists produce high quality projects whether that be independent films, documentaries, to local musicians who need music videos made to showcase their talent. The funds from this campaign will help me acquire higher quality/professional gear so I can continue donating my time and efforts to our local artists.  Being able to create projects on professional equipment will open up many more opportunities for independent artists.

I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in achieving my goals in helping local/new artists with limited resources and those who are not able to afford the day rates of a “Hollywood” Cinematographer/ Editor/ Director.


Joshua Crist

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